Our story
Lou in Love is a modern swedish silk brand founded in 2015 by Frida Benno Hjerpe and Karin Tranaeus.
Thanks to their different experiences and backgrounds the two founders complement each other. Karin has a law degree and gained experience in the fashion industry while living in China for several years designing her own fashion label. Frida has a bachelor in journalism and has also for several years been modelling worldwide.

Our vision
Lou in Love has a touch of french romanticism that meets scandinavian simplicity, resulting in a strong, powerful and independent expression. All our garments are made of the finest silk. A woman wearing Lou in Love feels comfortable, luxurious and sure of herself. Our target audience appreciates our identity and how we show our products through honesty and nudity in the photographs. We think strong, smart and independent women who have an eye for details and recognize the value of high quality will appreciate our brand.
We are working with one of Swedens best photographers Tobias Regell. He has an unique and an expressive way of shooting and he is a genious making pictures interesting, thats why we think he is the right man for making our pictures.

The idea of wearing Lou in Love is that you can use your silk clothes everyday, at the morning meeting, at the office, wearing the same outfit to late night dinner. We believe it is a good investment for your wardrobe, buying sustainable clothes with a wide use for your everyday and night.

Our collection
The first collection from Lou in Love consists of 10 styles which are all designed by both Frida and Karin. The different styles are named after people they love and appreciate. All garments are made from the finest silk.